Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuaries

When it comes to wildlife I think most of us love the experience of seeing the wild animals and birds in their natural surroundings. With due respect to their right of living in their own domain that is the real place where they should be and no amount of torture to them is a forgivable crime. Imagine seeing the king of the jungle relishing its prey after a fresh kill or experiencing the dance of a group of deer’s who make swift movements across the jungle or for that matter absorbing the little birds making a flight into the sky where they compete with each other trying to soar high and high into the deep blue sky.

So if you are the types who loves to be amidst nature then get set and pack your bags to come for a holiday spree in India where you will find exotic species of wildlife in these national parks that are a matter of pride to the country and almost all the states of the country houses a national park to protect the animals of the country and give them the life that they deserve. If you are planning to come to India for a holiday to visit the national parks then the right place is the state of Rajasthan.

When you think of Rajasthan all that comes to mind are the images of forts, palaces, lakes, colorful festivals and the mighty Thar Desert. The Thar Desert is the backbone of this sate. But the state of Rajasthan is not only the Thar Desert. The topography of Rajasthan ranges from the barren desert, scrub-thorn arid forests, rocks and ravines to wetlands and lush, green forests. Each of these areas is a haven for a wide spectrum of wildlife, bestowing the state with some of the most fascinating wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Ranthambore National Park 
The national park is located near the outer fringes or one can say the periphery of the Thar Desert that forms the most part of the state of Rajasthan.It is also surrounded by the Vindhya and Aravalli hill ranges. When it comes to visiting the best and the most well known national sanctuary of the state then the first park that comes to one’s mind as a traveler is the Ranthambore National Park which is Rajasthan’s most well-known tiger reserve under Project Tiger.

Sariska National Park 
Sariska Tiger Reserve is one of the last sizable remnants of the dry hilly country, which once stretched across the length of the Aravalli hills. It is a huge national park but its population of tigers have depleted over the years as the jungle authorities have not been able to save them from the poachers who over the years have been successful in washing of the most endangered species of the tigers found here in this park. This hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Alwar was declared a sanctuary in 1955, and when Project Tiger was born in 1979, Sariska Sanctuary was merged into it.

Keoladeo National Park 
If you are bird lover and would love to come over to a paradise of these avian species welcome home to the Keoladeo National Park popularly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary that is one of the best waterfowl habitats in the World. Located at the distance of 180 kms from New Delhi Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is suitable for outing at the weekends. If you love adventure and likeness for birds than come to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

Bhensrod Garh
A fairly new sanctuary, it was established in 1983 and covers a total area of 229 sq km of scrub and dry deciduous forest.Th edifferent species that one would find are the Leopards, chinkara, sloth bear can be spotted here if one is lucky. The best time to plan you safari in Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary is between October and May.

Darrah Sanctuary
This park was the royal hunting ground of the Maharaja of Kota, it is a thickly forested sanctuary lying along the southeastern border of Kota. This sanctuary has a lot of mountains and is very lofty the thick forest makes it one of the good parks to visit. The animals here include Wolf, Sloth Bear, Chinkara and Leopard. This sanctuary is stretched in the area of 250 sq Kms, almost 50 Kms from Kota. The best time to visit is between February and May.