Rajasthan Music

Musical Instruments
The famous music of this state also brings with it a lot of very famous and widely accepted musical instruments.The state of Rajasthan can’t be thought about without its folksongs and folkdances and to keep in tandem, A wide variety of musical instruments are used.

The musical instruments range from the soft tinklers to thunderous kettledrums; from simple, slender flutes to intriguing trumpets; and from the rustic looking resonators for basic rhythm to elegant and fully developed bowing or plucking devices.

It’s a scintillating sight to see the folkmusicians of Rajasthan with their musical instruments, which are decorated with beautiful trappings and ornamental coverings and their colourful attire that mesmerizes the spellbound audience. These musicans are a group with musicin their souls.

Music for all Seasons
The music and the musicians of this state are so rich in their art that they have music for all seasons and festivals. These different Gharanas of muiscans have an almost endless variety of tunes,various mind blowing dance forms and a large number of musical instruments which collectively create the mesmerizing folk music which has retained the traditional form and has been captivating people from different parts of the world from ages.

Hard Working Musicans
The musicans of this state are a hard working lot who live life to the hilt. After a hard days work in the hot sun and rocky terrain, they take time off and let themselves go in gay abandon, dancing, singing watching puppet shows and other community festivities.

Performers of different gharanas like the Bhaats,Mirasis, Nats,Bhopas,Bhands and Dholis are present all across the state and are patronized by the villagers and traveling tourists. Thus the Music and the Musicians of this state go hand in hand to glorify the rich tradition and culture of this state.

The state of Rajasthan is famous for its traditional culture and folklore.The people of this place are humble and that is potrayed in their innocence and art of living.

The cultural tradition of this place has been the cause of anxiety to the people of the whole world. This helpps indrawing a lot of tourists to this state.

The musicand dance of this state reflects the richness of the cultural heritage of this place.The music and dance forms of this state have been a part and parcel of the social customs and have found a proud place in the annals of history as these were patronized by the rulers of different eras.

The legacy is not some decades old, but some centuries old. The music of this state depicts a lot of innocence and pertains to mostly water as the theme.

Mostly the songs sung by women are about water and this style is called Panihari. As Water the life saving drink plays a very significant role in the lives opf the people here, this style of singing is called Panihari.

But it is not only about water that the songs of this state are centered around, but there are folk-songs about love and lovers and the blow hot and blow cold relationship of the mother and daughter-in -law.

Variety in music
The music of this place also has a vast variety. Music has always played a very important role in the history of Rajasthan and is still one of the major contributors to the traditionally rich state. The music of this state also has a strong religious bent and is sung in the dedication of various deities.Most of the religioussongs are folk lores of some of the very famous saints like Surdas,Meerabai andKabirdas and are mostly heard in the night long soirees.

Talented Musicians
The musicians of this state are very talented and have a very deep knowledge of their art. This art of popularising the music has come down from ages as generation after generation has passed down the art of singing to the talented lot of the state.

The traditional entertainers like the Manganniyars,Mirasis,Langas and the Dholis have been instrumental in keeping the music of this state live and kicking for these generations. The songs sung by these particular groups have a vivid traditional touch and these singers are awesomely talented classical singers.

The songs normally begin with an Alap which sets the base and then the recital of the couplet that is called the Dooba.The songs also have the Taan, the Pitch, and the Tibias-ie.theTriplet which lends variance to the tune.