Rajasthan Museums

The Royal State of Rajasthan is full of majestic palaces and marvellous high standing forts, temples, which are well known for their architecture and design. There are many museums in Rajasthan, which are treasure trove of ancient manuscripts, weapons. This heritage and culture is still alive in the state and is of most interest to all the tourists who viist this state in millions every year and try to take back these memories. These memories are kept in the musesum that throng the state and are highly appreciated. Some of the best Museums are:

Ajmer Government Museum 
The beautiful fort and palace built by the Mughal Emperor Jahagir in 1616 has been converted into this museum. What is today commonly known, as Magazine is the palace quarters where the emperors lived.After the British occupation in 1818 and during the First World War of Independence in 1857 the British that gave the name magazine used it as the Rajputana Arsenal.

Alwar Government Museum 
The Alwar Museum is situated in the old city areand it has different unique collection of arms, bidri work acquered and ivory work, musical instruments, stuffed animals, beautiful brass and pottery works from Jaipur, Multan, Bengal and Ceylon, miniature paintings and Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts. The paintings have been further divided into various sub-styles. The third section of the museum contains the armoury of State rulers. Various kinds of shiedls, swords, pistols, rifles, daggers and other items are on display.

Bikaner Fort Museum 
Ganga Mahal, is one of the special halls taken over by Maharaja Ganga Singh, now it is the Fort Museum.This museum like all museums in the state have a very mind blowing and a fine collection of antique Rajput weaponry, jade handle daggers, camel hide dhals (shiedls) and inliad handguns and camel guns.The furniture that were used then by thes rulers are also asved here for public viewing and the jewellery studded in these artifacts and furniture just leaves you gaping and wanting to see more and more of these very preciuos and priceless belongings.

The Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum 
The Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum is another feather in the cap of the State that has got this museum to its credit, as this museum in Rajasthan is considered to be very important. A fine collection of the heritage of Rajasthan, this museum in Bikaner has some principal sections like the History, Sculpture, Terracotta, Maharaja Ganga Singh Memorial, local Arts and Crafts section, Miniature Paintings, Folk-Arts section and Bronzes Armory.

Fateh Prakash Palace Museum 
Another very important and prominent museum in Rajasthan is the Fateh Prakash Palace Museum in Chittaurgarh.As we know Chittaurgarh is known for its special fort that represents the culture of this small city of Rajasthan.However a small portion of this palace is given for the purpose of keeping the heritage and culture of Rajasthan alive. This museum basically keeps a treasure trove of sculptures. Amongst the important ones are Ganpati from Pangarh along with Indra and Jain Ambica statues from Rashmi village of Podt medieval period. Also on display in the museum are many weapons, daggers, and armory.

Virat Nagar Museum 
Virat Nagar museum is in the capital city of Jaipur.It was also the cpita place of the legendary Matsayadesh. Frequent refences of Matsayadesh have been made in the Indian epic- the Mahabharat. In the period of these maharajas and maharani rule, the area around the district of Jaipur, Alwar and Bharatpur came to be known as Matsayadesh with Virat Nagar as its capital. The museum has a speciality and that is it is not very big in mits appearance as compared to the other museums but the best part is that it is one museum that has the riches collection of artifacts and sculptures that are stored here in this museum. The excavated pikkins old coins, seals, metallic pieces, weaponos and statues have been exhibited here.

Amer (Jaipur) Archaeological Museum 
Located in the Dil-e-A-aram Gardens, of Amer, the ancient capital of Jaipur, and established in 1949. Before the collections of all the excvated materials from Rairh, Bairat, Sambhar, Nagar etc. and the sculptures and epigraphs collected from various sites in the erstwhile Jaipur State were housed at Vidyadhar Gardens in Purana Ghat.