Rajasthan Information

The Country of Temples and Monuments, country having a rich tradition and culture and a country with a lot of diversity, that’s what INDIA is.

A country so different from the rest in the world, a country which is blessed with Nature and a country which can boast of a lot of peace and tranquility entices every single individual in the world to pay a visit to this wonderful Mystical and Mesmerizing place.

And in this country, the state of Rajasthan is again a jewel in the necklace of this adventurous country India.Rajasthan is situated in the north part of the country and is most famous for its deserts.

To the outer world, this state is basically famous for its vast deserts and rich cultural and traditional heritage and artifacts.

The history of this state is very captivating and alluring too. History of this state goes back to 5000 years and is as rich as its landscapes, grand palaces and history rich forts and the tranquil camel safaris.

The various forts of this state have a long historical to them and were ruled by very Heroic and Dynamic rulers.