About Rajasthan

Rajasthan Culture
The Fairs and festivals of this state add a lot of colour and life into the lives of these hard-working desert people. Holi the festival of colours,brings forth the joyous, lively rhythms of the change and dhamal songs Marriage ,childbirth ,the visit of the son-in-law, all call for song and music.

Rajasthan Dances
Fire Dance: This form of dance is very captivating nad needs the heroics of the performer.This dance form is all about the valour of the people of this land. The Jasnathis of Bikaner and Chum are renowned for their tantric powers and this dance is in keeping with their lifestyle.

Rajasthan Adventure
The spirit of adventure and bravery has always been a prominent part of life. in the days of yore, hunting was the major source of excitement for the people. Pitting their wits against the most ferocious of animals was considered a challenge.

Rajasthan Fairs & Festivals
Celebrated also in March around Holi (festival of colors) is the Elephant Festival of the capital Jaipur, a tourists’ delight. The mighty mammals claim center stage and stride majestically parading their decorated trunks and tusks. The festival begins with a procession of elephants, camels and horses followed by folk dancers at their entertaining best. The god worshiped on the occasion, Ganesh or Ganapati, is the elephant son of Shiva and Parvati.

Rajasthan Gems & Jewelery
The people of Rajasthan, are said to be crazy about jewellery , gems and diamonds and this was also the scene years back when the men and women traditionally wore necklaces, armlets, anklets, earings and rings. With the advent of the Mughal Empire, Rajasthan became a major centre for production of the finest kind of jewellery. It was a true blend of the Mughal with the Rajasthani craftsmanship. The Mughals were instrumental in bringing sophisticated designs and technical know-how of the Persian with them when they entered India.

Rajasthan Information
The Country of Temples and Monuments, country having a rich tradition and culture and a country with a lot of diversity, that’s what INDIA is. A country so different from the rest in the world, a country which is blessed with Nature and a country which can boast of a lot of peace and tranquility entices every single individual in the world to pay a visit to this wonderful Mystical and Mesmerizing place.

Rajasthan Museums
The Royal State of Rajasthan is full of majestic palaces and marvellous high standing forts, temples, which are well known for their architecture and design. There are many museums in Rajasthan, which are treasure trove of ancient manuscripts, weapons. This heritage and culture is still alive in the state and is of most interest to all the tourists who viist this state in millions every year and try to take back these memories.

Rajasthan Music
The famous music of this state also brings with it a lot of very famous and widely accepted musical instruments.The state of Rajasthan can’t be thought about without its folksongs and folkdances and to keep in tandem, A wide variety of musical instruments are used.

Rajasthan Pilgrim Places
The Land of colour and vibrance – Rajasthan – resounds with the pure and beautiful melodies of hymns, sung with love and devotion. It is blessed with a rich tradition and a golden heritage that spreads all around. The sanctified pilgrim centres in Rajasthan are not only places of worship but also monuments of great artistic beauty.

Rajasthan Shopping
Rajasthan is the home of an astounding variety of traditional crafts. Century-old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting wares in Rajathan which are admired and collected not only by connoisseurs in India but are popular all across the world Rajasthan is a land of vibrant colours.

Rajasthan Tribals
As this state is very popular for its rich cultural and traditional heritage,so also it is famous for its richness in ancient tribes.The population of this place includes many a tribes which today constitutes around 12% of the total population of the state.The main tribes of Rajasthan are the Bhils and the Minas that were the original inhabitants of the area now called Rajasthan. But they were forced into the Aravalli Range by the Aryan invasion. Smaller tribes include the Sahariyas, Garasias and the Gaduliya lohars.

Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuaries 
When it comes to wildlife I think most of us love the experience of seeing the wild animals and birds in their natural surroundings. With due respect to their right of living in their own domain that is the real place where they should be and no amount of torture to them is a forgivable crime. Imagine seeing the king of the jungle relishing its prey after a fresh kill or experiencing the dance of a group of deer’s who make swift movements across the jungle or for that matter absorbing the little birds making a flight into the sky where they compete with each other trying to soar high and high into the deep blue sky.