Kerala Information

Think tourism; think India. Yes folks! It’s all about discovering and re discovering the hub of tourist spots, INDIA. India’s tourist attractions are by far the most attractive and adventurous ones and the revenue in the tourism industry bears testimony to this fact.

No other country can match India as a tourist destination. Its your call at the end of the day you ask for mountaineering, you ask for trekking, rock climbing, you have it all. The mix of culture and diversity in this country has a spell of magic over its tourists that can give a complete satisfaction and contentment at the end of a holidaying spree.

When it comes to monuments in India there are priceless places that depict the religion and culture of the country be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Muslim, Sikhism and Christianity. India is an amalgamation of different and varied states with different cultures supporting them. Among them is God’s own country better known as Kerala.

So come and discover the mysteries that make this state a special one and also take back memories that enthrall your senses. As far as Kerala is concerned, the state has been acclaimed of its potential in generating millions of tourists every year.

The well planned and Strategically located state at the south western tip of India has very unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. As we know this state is better known as God’s own country and any visitor who goes there once will definitely want to go back again and again to find solace in the breathtaking beautiful greenery surrounding it.

Natural endowments like serene blue beaches, soothing backwaters and lagoons, exhilarating hill stations, enchanting waterfalls and fresh water springs, historic monuments like temples and palaces, spectacular dance forms, rejuvenating health packages, exotic wildlife and year-round festivals.

And last but not the least when we think of Kerala we think of the most educated people. The state takes pride in having the most advanced society in the country. It has a hundred per cent literate people, the lowest infant mortality rate, the highest life expectancy rate, the highest quality of life etc.

Something that attracts a traveler to the state of Kerala is the pristine environment, the rich and vibrant culture and the high quality of life for the local inhabitants.