Kerala Festivals

The state is as rich in its fairs and festivals as it is in its culture and tradition. This state has a colorful list of festivals, that color the state through out the year and these fairs are as diverse as the land proving the dictum of unity amidst diversity to be true in the country. 

Observed with enthusiasm and gaiety, these festivals are like gems ornamenting the crown of Kerala tradition and culture. As these festivals are spread throughout the year, every season hosts a new festival, which is a true celebration of the benevolence of the Nature.

These Festivals create an atmosphere of eternal harmony and are packed with a lot of excitement and fun. During these festivals, people find the right time to clean and decorate their houses and arrange get together with their friends and relatives and they also exchange a lot of gifts. A preview to these fairs and festivals are as follows:

Thirunakara Festival
The Thirunakara Festival is celebrated in the Thirunakara Temple situated in the heart of Kottayam and id dedicated to Lord Shiva and is very famous because of its grandeur and its traditional importance.This festival is a homage to the Mahadeva that is Lord Shiva worshipped mostly by the Hindus.

This Festival owes its origin to the Raja of Kochi and is celebrated to commemorate his legendary victory.This festival takes place on the Atham day of the Malayalam month of Chingam ie.(August -September),at the historical town of Thirupunithura, near Kochi.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race
ThisFestival is celebrated in the last week of December, and is a fitting finale to the Tourism Fair, which attracts a lot of travelers from all over the globe.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race
This Boat race is one of the most famous boat races of Kerala and is held annually on the Punnamada Backwaters of Alappuzha district on the second Saturday of August. Famous for its fierce competition, this festival attracts a lot of people from different states.

Sabarimala Festival
This festival is celebrated in honor of Lord AYYAPA who is revered by all in the country.Sabarimala is a renowned pilgrim center atop the rugged hills of the western ghats.This holy shrine is dedicated to Lord Ayyapa and the main pilgrimage is undertaken in the month between November and January.

This is one of the most popular festivals of the state of Kerala.It is the Harvest Festival that celebrates a happy blending of myth and reality and is a part of the cultural celebration of every Malayalee.

Easter is one of the major festivals of Kerala celebrated mostly by the Christians of this state. This is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and is undertaken with religious fervor by all the Christians of the state. Unlike Christmas with its festive mood, Easter has a ritualistic fervor attached to it. The abstinence period of 50 days preceding Easter known as LENT, the pal Sunday celebrations and the Holy week comprising Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter are all part of the celebrations.