Kerala Culture

Kerala GOD’S OWN LAND is blessed with the gift of Nature. Mother Nature has been bountiful when it comes to Kerala. This particular state has been gifted with the best of natural sites and is considered to be the Heaven of India.

Right from the beautiful sites to the people of this state, all about this state is awesomely gorgeous. This is the only state of India, which boasts of complete literacy. None of the other states can match the literacy of this state.

The people of this state are also very hospitable and warm. High spirits and a very warm personality is how the people of this state are defined. This particular site gives you a in-depth knowledge of the culture and tradition of the humble and hospitable people of Kerala.

There are quite a lot of information and factoids of true utility to attract an undecided soul into taking up an adventurous journey into the god’s own country and the jewel of Arabian sea, located in south India, as a travel tour to Kerala, south India. When you think of touring this state, you will feel a lot of excitement creeping into you.

This state has always drawn a lot of tourists because of its natural beauty and ts rich cultural history.The Historical precedentsof this state have always acted as the bed rock for a rapidly growing modern society of Kerala.The great Portugese Traveller and Travelogue who is well known for his write up on different countries and their cultural heritage, has written an interesting and informative account of the rich cultural and historical tradition of Kerala.

The culture of this state is also a symbolization of the cosmopolitan culture to which several races have made a significant contribution.This state is highly advanced in the field of education and has a 100% literacy rate.This state also is a leader in the field of Ayurveda and has done immensely well to make this form of medicine a very well known form of treatment in the entire country.

With the passage of time, this state and the people of this state have adjusted to the new values but they haven’t forgotten their rich cultural values. The cultural history of this state owes its source to the rich martial art forms that is one of the integral part of the cultural history of this state.

The ancient martial art form of KALARIPAYAT is the main platform on which the foundation of Kerala’s culture and tradition are based.The word KALARIPAYAT stands for “TRAINING INSIDE AN ARENA”and it is the fighting and the colourful spirit of this martial art form that acts as the source of the original culture and tradition of this state.

Even Kung-fu is believed to have originated from this form of martial art.The culture of this state also is embedded with a variety of different dance forms, martial arts and cuisines.One of the most prolific forms of dance which has made its presence felt not only in the country but also in the international scene and definitely defines the rich cultural heritage of this state.

This dance form is basically 300 years old and is a beautiful combination of colour , dance,music,drama and expressions.This dance form also derives its primary inspiration and dramatic sections from the Kalaripayat which adds on to the culture and tradition of this state in a classical way.