Ready for the Red Carpet

As an actor, my physical appearance is of top importance to me. When I am on television, I want my looks to be on point. I want to be confident in public. My pictures are all over the internet and social media. They are critiqued be everyone. Most of the times, my pictures liked by my fans. Unfortunately, some people still find flaws in my appearance. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a picture of be taken by a paparazzi. I was horrified. I needed aesthetic doctor in Singapore immediately. I could not believe that I had bags under my eyes. They were so big. I looked tired and worn out. I was so embarrassed.

Not only did I noticed the bags under my eyes, so did the public. They made funny and mean comments about my face. People were actually making memes about me on social media. Someone even compared me to a zombie. Even some of my most die hard female fans were turned off by the bags under my eyes. It got so bad that I had to retreat from the Internet got a while. A lot of the taunts reminded me of high school. Before I became a famous actor, was an awkward teenager. I was not popular and the kids picked on me. I eventually grew up and became famous. Now, my looks were in trouble.

I was able to contact an experienced doctor two weeks later. He gave me a free consultation and told me about the treatments that he could offer me. I was very very impressed with his professionalism. He gave my face a nice chemical peel to remove the bags. The process was great. The bags under my eyes were gone. I was so amazed with the good work the he did on my now perfect face.