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Ready for the Red Carpet

As an actor, my physical appearance is of top importance to me. When I am on television, I want my looks to be on point. I want to be confident in public. My pictures are all over the internet and social media. They are critiqued be everyone. Most of the times, my pictures liked by my fans. Unfortunately, some people still find flaws in my appearance. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a picture of be taken by a paparazzi. I was horrified. I needed aesthetic doctor in Singapore immediately. I could not believe that I had bags under my eyes. They were so big. I looked tired and worn out. I was so embarrassed.

Not only did I noticed the bags under my eyes, so did the public. They made funny and mean comments about my face. Read Full Post…

The Star of the Wedding

The wedding I went to last month was one for the ages. The bride and groom hired a magician from and put on show the likes of which I had never seen before. I’ve been to a few weddings, and they’ve been the usual kind of weddings that people would expect. Normally there is dancing and mingling at the reception, but when a magician is there, it’s a more fun experience. I never thought about the idea of hiring outside entertainment for wedding beyond having a simple band, but I’d be willing to hire one for my own wedding, if I get married in the future.

I think the bride and groom got the idea to have a magician at their wedding because of a trip to Las Vegas they took some time before. They saw a lot of shows while they were there, and one of the shows had a famous magician. Read Full Post…

A quick overview of terminating or surrounding a commercial lease early

In a world where commercial premises such as shops are closing their doors every day, commercial landlords can be left vulnerable to tenants who may want to end their lease prematurely. Doing this formally is known as giving a ‘break notice’ that will have been inserted into the lease as a ‘break clause’ when the lease was initially signed.

terminating or surrounding a commercial lease early

When can a tenant terminate the lease?

A tenant can only terminate a lease early if the lease contains a break clause. Before the tenant can move out, they have to serve their landlord with a break notice. It is important that everything is done correctly and legally, as not following proper procedure will nullify the break clause and the tenancy will have to run until its expiry date.

The timing must be right in order to exercise the break notice, and there are two types of break notices in regards to the timing. A ‘once and for all’ break notice means that there is a specific deadline for serving the break notice. If the tenant doesn’t meet this deadline, they will lose the right to break completely and the tenancy will continue until the contractual term is complete.

The second break notice is a ‘rolling’ notice. This means that the tenant needs to ensure that the timing is accurate, or a fresh notice will have to be served and the tenant is still liable for rent and other responsibilities in the meantime.

The tenant must also be 100% sure about where and who to serve the break notice to. If they have not established the correct address or recipient, the break notice will not be served and the tenant may not get another chance. It’s therefore important that a legal advisor handles this step.

Finally, a tenant must meet pre-conditions in the break clause in order to serve the notice. Examples include:

  • Paying all rent and other sums due
  • Providing vacant possession
  • Ensuring all the tenant’s covenants in the lease are performed
  • Paying a break penalty payment

All these can be difficult to carry out and understand for the average person, so it’s important that legal advice is sought for the outset. Ideally, tenants should seek advice on the lease requirements around 12 to 24 months before they wish to serve a break notice.

What if there isn’t a break notice?

If a break clause hasn’t been agreed when the tenancy agreement was created, there is another option for the tenant. The lease can only be terminated early if the landlord agrees to this, which is known as a ‘surrender’. A tenant can either put this in writing or it can be inferred from the conduct of both the tenant and the landlord by ‘operation of law’.

However, if a landlord does not wish to take the property back before the end of the lease then the landlord cannot be compelled to do so. In this case, the lease will have to remain in place until the end of the agreement. However, sometimes a ‘surrender premium’ may be sought by a landlord in order to end the lease.

Can a tenant simply hand the keys back?

What happens if there is no break clause or the tenant doesn’t go down the legal route and simply hands the landlord the keys back?

The short answer to this is that a tenant can’t simply hand the keys back and be on their way. The law states that a landlord must make it clear that the tenant giving up the property has been accepted as surrender. If a landlord isn’t accepting this a surrender, they must make it immediately clear that accepting keys to the property does not constitute a formal acceptance of surrender.

A landlord must always seek legal advice on what to do in this case, and not accept any offers of part or full payment until the issues have been discussed and negotiated with solicitors.

What if there is no break notice and the landlord won’t agree to a surrender?

It may be possible for the tenant to reduce outgoings by assigning the lease to a third party or taking on a subtenant. However, all this depends on the requirements of the lease and the permission of the landlord before entering into any agreements. Again, legal advice is crucial at this stage.

Queen 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattress

The Queen 12 inch memory foam mattress by Best Price Mattressis a premium comfort mattress that will help you sleep better from the very first use. The 12 inch memory foam mattress comes in at under $500 on Amazon saving you over $1,500 – thus offering you a very cheap memory foam mattress but with everything expected of a higher end mattress.

Queen 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattress

  • 3 inches of memory foam + 3 inches of super soft foam followed by 5.5 inches of high density foam
  • Micro fiber padding
  • Outer cover made of bamboo

The Mattress

This queen 12 inch memory foam mattress have several layers to it to give you ultimate support and comfort. The top layer is made up of micro fiber padding. There is an inch thick of this followed by another 2 inch layer of no woven foam. This layer is breathable and well ventilated to prevent you from overheating. Memory foam is known to get hot, so having a breathable layer is a must to keep you cool. The second layer is made of super soft foam and is 3 inches thick. This layer helps eliminate “bottoming out” and creates a sequential body confirming process. The layer underneath this is 5.5 inches of high density foam that gives the mattress stability as well as durability. On top of these layers of foam there is half an inch of micro padding for extra comfort. It also comes with a quilted outer cover.


The cover to this memory foam mattress is made from poly Jacquard with Bamboo rayon. It is also quilted.

Relieves Pressure Points

Memory foam helps alleviate pressure on pressure points preventing aches and pains.

Better Sleep

Memory foam not only relieves aches and pains, it also stops you tossing and turning giving you a better night’s sleep.

15 Years Warranty

To give you confidence in buying this mattress, it comes with a 15 year warranty.

Queen Size

The 12 inch memory foam mattress is queen size and measures 60” x 80” x 12”


If you buy this mattress from Amazon you get it at around $450 – this is over $!500 off the retail price – a luxurious bargain!

What Customers Say

Customers who bought the 12 inch memory foam mattress by Best Price Mattress loved it, giving it an average rating of 5 ouf ot 5!
Customers made comments including:

Customers say:

  • “…We LOVE this mattress. There is no smell. There is no movement when either of us get in or out of bed. I HIGHLY recommend this mattress. There are no aches and pains in the morning. Both of us sleep very well and wake refreshed and ready to face our day. GREAT BUY!!!!”
  • “…so I bought it and after a week it is fantastic! Better than my girlfriend’s which cost $2000+.”

The Queen 12 inch memory foam mattress by Best Price Mattress is a steal at the price it is going for on Amazon – it also has great reviews and comes with a 15 year warranty to help ease your mind.


I Had a Really Good Week Playing Cards

In fact it did not really have all that much to do with me to be honest, I have not suddenly gotten better at playing poker on the internet. In essence I simply ran into a lot of people who seemed intent on losing a lot of money. I have been playing on this site called poker88 Asia and I simply got into games with people who did not play the game very well. Of course much of the time I was playing with great cards, that always helps and the whole time I was playing things pretty straight. If the odds favored me I took my chances, but if they did not I played without taking big risks. However in this case there was a chat and this one guy seemed to bluster like a hurricane, especially when he was bluffing. Read Full Post…