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The Star of the Wedding

The wedding I went to last month was one for the ages. The bride and groom hired a magician from and put on show the likes of which I had never seen before. I’ve been to a few weddings, and they’ve been the usual kind of weddings that people would expect. Normally there is dancing and mingling at the reception, but when a magician is there, it’s a more fun experience. I never thought about the idea of hiring outside entertainment for wedding beyond having a simple band, but I’d be willing to hire one for my own wedding, if I get married in the future.

I think the bride and groom got the idea to have a magician at their wedding because of a trip to Las Vegas they took some time before. They saw a lot of shows while they were there, and one of the shows had a famous magician. Read Full Post…

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I Had a Really Good Week Playing Cards

In fact it did not really have all that much to do with me to be honest, I have not suddenly gotten better at playing poker on the internet. In essence I simply ran into a lot of people who seemed intent on losing a lot of money. I have been playing on this site called poker88 Asia and I simply got into games with people who did not play the game very well. Of course much of the time I was playing with great cards, that always helps and the whole time I was playing things pretty straight. If the odds favored me I took my chances, but if they did not I played without taking big risks. However in this case there was a chat and this one guy seemed to bluster like a hurricane, especially when he was bluffing. Read Full Post…