About Kerala

Kerala Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a term usually associated with the ancient times. Now a day in this modern day living no one really gives these priceless tips any importance but the benefits of these can never be challenged. Balance your health in a natural way according to a 5,000 year old perfected health care system. India’s Vedic Naturopath System called “Ayurveda”.

Kerala Backwaters
Backwaters are basically a body of stagnant water connected to a river that is flowing near by its periphery. The backwaters of Kerala are connected through the meandering inland lakes networked by canals that stretch to over 1900km.If one is the adventurous kind and loves to boat across then this one would be the experience to cherish.

Kerala Beaches
Welcome to God’s Own Country – Kerala. Sun-drenched and golden sand await your footsteps at the shoreline of Kerala which is home to some of the finest beaches, Fine blue waves that hit the shore now and then making that huge noise that make scare a child away from the shore but at the end of the day who doesn’t like to have fun and enjoy the beaches that make you feel excited and adventurous. Kerala beaches add color to its repertoire of tourism delights apart from the houseboats and the backwaters a traveler to Kerala always looks forward to the beaches of Kerala.

Kerala Culture
Kerala GOD’S OWN LAND is blessed with the gift of Nature. Mother Nature has been bountiful when it comes to Kerala. This particular state has been gifted with the best of natural sites and is considered to be the Heaven of India. Right from the beautiful sites to the people of this state, all about this state is awesomely gorgeous. This is the only state of India, which boasts of complete literacy. None of the other states can match the literacy of this state.

Kerala Dances
A pleasant morning to begin with and the sunrays have just reached your doorsteps. Wake up on a mist-softened morning in Kerala. The sun has just come over the palm trees and given the color of gold to the entire universe.

Kerala Festivals
The state is as rich in its fairs and festivals as it is in its culture and tradition. This state has a colorful list of festivals, that color the state through out the year and these fairs are as diverse as the land proving the dictum of unity amidst diversity to be true in the country.

Kerala Hill Stations
Lying on the windward side of the Western Ghats, Kerala has a long chain of lush, mist-clad hill stations that are home to exotic wildlife. All the hill resorts in Kerala offer the most enchanting experience of nature in all its virgin beauty.

Kerala History
When we think of history we think of times gone by and something that cannot come back. But, it’s not true as far as something’s are concerned. Who says history is gone and can’t be brought back. It lives as memories and historical monuments bear testimony to this fact.

Kerala Houseboats
Further inland when one goes into the interiors of this state there are more and endless miles of placid Kerala backwaters, flanked on either side by a towering palm tress. These meandering freshwaters are all mainly concentrated around the townships of Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Quilon and Cochin.

Kerala Information
Think tourism; think India. Yes folks! It’s all about discovering and re discovering the hub of tourist spots, INDIA. India’s tourist attractions are by far the most attractive and adventurous ones and the revenue in the tourism industry bears testimony to this fact.

Kerala Monuments
Cheraman Juma Masjid in Kodungalloor.Juma masjid was the first mosque in India. It was built in 629 A.D. and resembles a temple in appearance but is a mosque. This was rebuilt recently as certain parts were damaged due to natural catastrophes.

Kerala Museums
Founded in 1857 the museum is located within a spacious park and zoological garden. The art collection covers aspects of Kerala’s rich heritage, especially stone, wood and bronze sculpture. Over the centuries Kerala developed a unique style of craftsmanship in the visual and performing arts. The Bronze Gallery displays the special characteristics of bronzes from Kerala which were distinct from the ones from Tamil Nadu.

Kerala Pilgrim Centres
Kerala, the visitors’ paradise, has soul-cleansing centres too. Pilgrim centres of all religions abound this tiny state. Thousands throng such centres with agitated minds and return cool, calm and collected. Hindus, Christians, Muslims and even microscopic minorities such as Jains have their own pilgrim centres where devotees genuflect to bare their mental trauma.

Kerala Wildlife 
Kerala in South India also called God’s Own Country. It is a jewel in the map of south India and it is also the home to many rare and special forms of animal, bird and marine life. The wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala provide refuge to different forms of wildlife in Kerala and provide tourists with an opportunity to see these rare creatures in their natural surroundings.